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The Wildflower Company, Inc. began in 1993 by Jim Shea in a small warehouse in Massachusetts. As a teenager, Jim had grown to love the outdoors while hunting and fishing with his father and uncle. He spent his childhood learning to navigate his way through the woods and streams and felt he was in his element in the outdoors. He began to pick fresh laurel, hydrangea and fern to sell at the local market and developed an appreciation for the beauty in the greenery. Jim’s dream was to capture the outdoor beauty in artificial arrangements and products and he has spent countless hours recreating the foliage he harvested.

Session Setup

This product photography session took place in our studio. Strobe light was used.

Client Goals

  • Create professional images for use on their e-commerce website, social media and print materials.
  • Showcase their products in the best possible photographic representation.


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